By providing skill acquisition & financial literacy

Who We Are

Ashake Foundation was founded in 2013  to cater for widows and children,

It was founded at millennium park in Abuja with 22 widows and 36 children after raising 150,000 Naira from friends and families.

Our Goal at Ashake foundation is to cater for widows by empowering them with skills and also improving their children with Educational Scholarships and mentorship opportunities. 

Our Audited Financial Statement

At Ashake Foundation, one of our culture is Accountability and Transparency. We are accountable to all stakeholders and partners in the areas of open and accessible financial and project reports and other actions as a team and an organization. This is why we are openly putting our audited financial statement for 2019 and 2020 to be viewed and downloaded by our partners and stakeholders.

View and download our 2019 financial statement , 2020 financial statement, and Ashake Foundation 2021 Annual Report

Covid 19 intervention



— Empowerment

When people are empowered, they find creative ways to resolve their own problems and better contribute effectively to their society and ensure that no child is made to drop out of school.their children are also provided with ICT trainings. 


— Inclusiveness

We consistently encourage that the potential of every individual is utilized at peak performance. Every member of the team is made to feel comfortable and no one feels the need to suppress who they are. 

Impact Stories

My husband's family collected all of our properties.

My husband was a kind and honest man, but unfortunately death took him away. 

Catering for my children after my husband death, was very difficult. 

Ashake foundation has been my savior and only God can reward them for me. 

They taught me how to make soaps and funded my children’s education. 

I thought my world has ended after I lost my husband

My husband died unexpectedly of heart attack in 2016 we have been married for over 7 years with 3 children,

His death came as a shock because I never thought something like that would happen to me. 

Then a friend introduced me to Ashake Foundation.,since then my live has had a turn around, 

I was able to cope with lose my husband and they also funded my business.